4/21/2021: I cannot recommend Royal River Heat Pumps highly enough. We built and moved into a new home Fall, 2020. Our aim was to build an energy efficient, low maintenance home. Our contractor recommended a Heat Pump system for our heating needs and recommended Royal River. I was highly skeptical of a heat pump system. Royal River was great, patient and willing to spend plenty of time explaining and demonstrating the systems. Scott Libby was very professional, answered all my questions and adjusted the design to meet our needs. Much of my hesitation was based upon simply being unfamiliar with today’s heat pump systems and their capacities. Royal River installed our system from the ground up and we have come through our 1st Maine winter. I have never been warmer inside a home than I was this past winter with the heat pump system. We do not have a secondary heating system but for a gas fireplace used for “ambience”. The heat pumps more than sustained us very comfortably. In addition, the air quality is noticeably cleaner. I cannot say enough good things about the system (Mitsubishi) or Royal River Heat Pumps. And I have never been motivated to write a Google review before. This product and this company have earned it – both terrific.