There are many things to know about choosing the heat pump that is right for you and your home.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about heat pumps and their installations:

How can I learn more about my heat pump?

If we installed your system, please call Jay at 207-400-4065 to schedule a no-cost tutorial and walk-through.

This appointment includes:

  • Instruction on how to best utilize the features of your specific heat pump. This includes the key features/settings of your remote control or wireless thermostat (if applicable)
  • A demonstration of how to clean your filters and discuss the importance of scheduled preventative maintenance every 2 years.
  • A description of how to best maximize air flow and temperature settings in both heating and cooling modes.
  • a visual inspection of the installation of your indoor and outdoor units.
  • Answers to any questions that you may have.

You will also be provided with the following:

  • Warranty statement
  • Best Heat Pump practices
  • Efficiency Maine Heat Pump user tips
  • Remote control user tips (if applicable)

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump (also known as a reverse cycle air conditioner) is a multifunctional appliance that transfers heat from one location to another.  They can be used to transfer heat to the inside of your home in the winter or transfer heat to the outside in the summer.  They can also provide moderate de-humification while cleaning the air inside your home.

How does a heat pump work?

All heat pumps have a compressor, an evaporator coil, a condenser coil, and a reversing valve.  However, because of the reversing valve, the evaporator coil and the condenser coil change roles depending on the season.  On heat pump systems, the coils are simply referred to as the indoor coil and the outdoor coil.  Heat pumps use the compressor, and the principle of condensing and evaporating refrigerant, to move heat from one coil to another.  This can be accomplished in the summer by evaporating refrigerant in the indoor coil and moving it to the outdoor coil where the heat is expelled to the outdoors.  The reverse happens in the winter.  The reversing valve “reverses” the role of the coils and the refrigerant is evaporated in the outdoor coil.  The process of evaporating refrigerant absorbs heat.  This heat is then transferred to the indoor coil and delivered to your home.

Watch this video about how a heat pump works.

Do heat pumps work when it’s cold out?

You have to go back to your high school physics class and remember that even when it is zero degrees outside, there is still “heat” in the air.  The temperature of the outdoor coil during the evaporation mode is cold enough that it can absorb this “heat” and transfer it into your house. So, even when the weather man says, “Below zero temperatures, stay inside today!” Your heat pump will be absorbing heat to keep you warm on the inside! Heat Pumps are rated to -13 degrees.

Is a heat pump efficient?

Yes! Because a heat pump only has to transfer heat rather than creating it (like other heating systems), it is the most efficient means of heating your home that is available in today’s market!  A heat pump gets its efficiency because it uses only 1 unit of electricity to transfer 3 to 4 units of heat.  That means that they can run with efficiency ratings around 350%.  It is like buying oil for $1.50 per gallon (without burning fossil fuels).

Is a heat pump environmentally friendly?

Yes! In addition to heat pumps being 350% efficient, and not being reliant on burning fossil fuels, they use a refrigerant known as R410A.  The EPA has selected this “Non-ozone depleting” refrigerant to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.  Additionally, Royal River Heat Pumps strives to select materials from manufacturers that have sound environmental practices and he will also recycle all of the waste generated during your installation.

Can I finance a heat pump?

Efficiency Maine offers loans up to $15,000 over 10 years with no fees and interest rates as low as 4.99% APR.

Where can I find heat pump user tips?

Where can I find heat pump water heater user tips?

How do I use the Remote?

Watch how to operate the handheld remote

Watch the FH handheld remote tutorial

What is your service area?

Our service area is a one-hour radius of Freeport. From Wells, to Wiscasset to Windham.

Where can I find a copy of an equipment manual?

Contact Royal River Heat Pumps if your question was not covered.  We surely have the correct answer!