Limited Warranty Statement

Please be assured that Royal River Heat Pumps is committed to providing each and every customer with 5-star service. In order to provide you this level of service we believe that it is important to clearly communicate our warranty policy. This being said, we will always work to remedy every service issue in a fair and equitable manner.

Royal River Heat Pumps is a registered Mitsubishi Electric Elite Diamond contractor which allows us to extend your parts and compressor warranty to a full 12 years. Please refer to paragraph “D” on the Mitsubishi warranty statement. We will register your product warranty with Mitsubishi Electric within 90 days from the date of installation.

Royal River Heat Pumps will warranty our “workmanship” for a period of 3 years from the date of installation. This warranty covers issues that occurred as a result of our workmanship at the time of your initial installation, at no charge to you.  The warranty excludes service calls where it is determined that the issue was not a result of our workmanship.

We recommend that you check or clean the indoor unit filters every 30 days, and that you have us professionally clean and perform a maintenance check up every 2 years to ensure that your units are operating at maximum efficiency. Routine maintenance will allow us the opportunity to verify that your system is operating correctly, and to identify and repair any issues promptly.

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