We are committed to providing all of our customers with on-going service. Our goal is to ensure that your heat pump continues to operate as efficiently as it did when we initially installed it. In order to accomplish this, we ask that you clean the filters in your indoor units on a regular basis, preferably every 30-60 days.

We also recommend that the units be cleaned by one of our highly trained Service Technicians on a biennial basis. A professional and thorough cleaning is an essential step in maintaining your investment and providing you with years of heating and cooling satisfaction.

We care about you and we are here for you.

Our Technicians will, as a minimum, perform the following tasks listed below.

  • Clean the indoor heat exchanger coil, blower wheel, and the outside condenser coil.
  • Wash the large and small filters located in the indoor unit.
  • Flush the condensate line and verify that it is free of obstructions and draining properly.
  • Insert pan treatment tablets in the drain pan that will assist in keeping the drain from being plugged and help control odor.
  • Test, measure and record operating temperatures at the indoor unit.
  • Check and clean condensate pump, if applicable.

We suspend cleanings when temperatures go below freezing. We will gladly schedule your cleaning between April 15th and November 15th, or as weather permits.

Prices vary depending on your equipment configuration. We would be happy to provide you with a specific quote prior to scheduling.

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