05/12/2022: My family hired Royal River Heat Pumps to install 4 indoor head units and 2 outdoor units. Dale was our salesman and was very detailed with a layout design that suited our needs and wishes. He even arrived on the first day of installation to relay my families wishes to include the same brand sub panel and placement of indoor head units.

On the day of installation, I worked with Troy, Jeff, Chad, Sam, and Bridget. All were polite, respectful, and professional throughout the entire installation process. The team hid the lines well and minimized the changes to the house. The units and their components were carefully placed and blended in with the siding of the house and landscaping. I was very impressed with their work ethic, professionalism, and attention to detail throughout the installation process. The entire team took the time to listen to my families concerns and explained the work that they were doing.

At the end Troy explained how to use the units and the differences between each head unit.

Chad organized my panel box labels and showed me the shut off and breakers that were directly linked to the heat pumps.

Aaron was quick to respond to fix a problem.

Dave took the time to explain how to use the head units and answer any questions that I had.

Katie even followed up to make sure the rebate form was completed and submitted in a timely manner.

I took the time to research several heat pump providers and I chose Royal River Heat Pumps because of their high quality installation, the high level of professionalism of their crew, their attention to detail throughout the installation process, and their team listening and understanding the needs and concerns of the customer.

Overall I would recommend Royal River Heat Pumps for any future work and it was worth every penny. Their price is reflective of their high quality work.