5/27/2021: My wife’s and my whole experience with Royal River Heat Pumps was top-notch from start to finish. Larry was likeable, very clear and knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Installation of our Mitsubishi Electric MSZFH15A Unit was a snap, done in a couple of hours last October. It’s already saved us a lot of money–our oil furnace is now a backup. In fact, the only times we used it were in the shoulder season when we’d turned the heat pump off and forgotten about it.

It really is a “set and forget” device. A day in the high 80’s prompted me to turn the A/C setting on this week, and this unit cools more effectively than it heats! Although our house is old and the rooms small, we get good circulation with doorway corner fans.

The only homeowner’s maintenance so far is remembering to clean the filters, an easy task. We are super-glad to have installed the unit, and recommend the folks at Royal River highly.