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Efficiency Maine Rebates

If your old wall air conditioning units aren’t cooling and heating your home you might want to consider a ductless mini split (also known as mini split ac unit, mini split system, or heat pump) from Royal River Heat Pumps.

Aside from saving money on your heating bill, heat pumps are more affordable than ever, and more efficient than an air conditioner, electric heating and fossil fuels. Efficiency Maine offers rebates of up to $1,500 for some residential heat pumps to help with cooling and heating your home. They must have an AHRI-rated HSPF of 12.0 or greater for systems with single indoor unit and an AHRI-rated HSPF 10.0 or greater for systems with multiple indoor units to meet the minimum requirements. They must be installed in a 1- to 4-unit residential building located in Maine. They must be used to heat the home throughout the heating season, and be installed in a primary living area, not a garage or outbuilding. The lifetime limit is two heat pump indoor unit rebates per residence. The heat pumps must be installed by a Residential Registered Vendor and installed according to the Heat Pump Installation Requirements Checklist. Royal River Heat Pumps is a Registered Vendor and we will even take care of filling out the paperwork for you and submitting the required documentation.

Efficiency Maine offers loans up to $15,000 over 10 years with no fees and interest rates as low as 4.99% APR if you need help with the cost. We are currently scheduling appointments with Designers. All employees have their temperature taken every day, frequently wash their hands and sanitize, wear masks at all times with other people, and are very conscientious of your safety.  We are currently scheduling appointments with Designers. Call us at 207-400-4065 to book an appointment.


New Year, New Savings

From the Mitsubishi Electric Blog:

A new year always comes with new resolutions and goals, most often geared toward establishing a healthier body and lifestyle. But what about a healthier budget and environment? The new you for the new year can make smart decisions to save money while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Where Does HVAC Come In?
A heat pump can heat your home without burning fossil fuels and can be up to four times more efficient than a conventional option, according to the Rocky Mountain Institute. Installing a high-efficiency heat-pump system, such as our Zoned Comfort Solutions®, can help homeowners significantly reduce their year-round energy consumption, meaning lower utility bills and more sustainable comfort.

Many local utility companies offer rebates and tax credits to homeowners who install new, high-efficiency systems. These incentives help offset initial costs and contribute to the return on investment homeowners realize with the heat pump system’s energy-efficient operation. Lower utility bills and reduced maintenance requirements lead to long-term savings.

These incentives don’t only apply to heating season, however. Heat pumps also efficiently cool homes in the warmer months, allowing homeowners to enjoy energy savings year-round.

Homeowners currently using or considering installing a Mitsubishi Electric system can find out what local rebates are available to them using our rebate finder tool.