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Heat Pump Incentives for Businesses

It’s time to replace the old air conditioning system. Efficiency Maine offers incentives to businesses to add high performance heat pumps for cooling and heating from $500 per single zone to $1,250 for multi zones with 4+ indoor units.

If you are a “Small General Service” (SGS) or “Small Service” (SS) electric customer you may be eligible for $1,600 per single zone system with an HSPF of at least 12.5. (Maximum 3 systems for a total of $4,800.)

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New Incentive from Efficiency Maine for Small Businesses

Single-zone heat pumps for small businesses are eligible for $1,600/system with an HSPF of 12.5 or higher (up to 3 individual systems or $4,800 per business).

Eligibility requirements include:

  • Facility’s electric meter(s) must have a Small General Service (SGS) or Small Class designation
  • Copy of electric bill is required at time of project submission
  • Customer must confirm heat pumps will become the primary heating and cooling system for the conditioned spaces
  • Pre-Approval is required for all projects

Ineligible projects include:

  • Facilities that heat with natural gas
  • Space types including warehouses, large assembly spaces, grow facilities, and multi-family buildings with five or more units

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Additionally, some businesses may be eligible for $400 on top of the state-wide incentive of $1,600/system, if the business is located within Small Business Initiative (SBI) Regions 20 – 22.

List of participating towns within those SBI regions.