Single-zone heat pumps for small businesses are eligible for $1,600/system with an HSPF of 12.5 or higher (up to 3 individual systems or $4,800 per business).

Eligibility requirements include:

  • Facility’s electric meter(s) must have a Small General Service (SGS) or Small Class designation
  • Copy of electric bill is required at time of project submission
  • Customer must confirm heat pumps will become the primary heating and cooling system for the conditioned spaces
  • Pre-Approval is required for all projects

Ineligible projects include:

  • Facilities that heat with natural gas
  • Space types including warehouses, large assembly spaces, grow facilities, and multi-family buildings with five or more units

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Additionally, some businesses may be eligible for $400 on top of the state-wide incentive of $1,600/system, if the business is located within Small Business Initiative (SBI) Regions 20 – 22.

List of participating towns within those SBI regions.